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Dog Tags at low prices

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They are as well the perfect little something in between as they are ideally suited as an individual gift for birthdays. Dogtags with engraving are unique and they give the lucky recipient the feeling that you have just dealt with it. Were dog tags used to be a hallmark of the soldiers in the war, they are now an individual accessory for any wardrobe, a perfect luggage tag for each piece of luggage and even a real dog tag for the four-legged friends, so this way even then surely find his way home when he has got lost. Dog Tags just look good and they can be used very versatile.

Dog ID Tags with engraving

Dog Tags engraved you can make as you like it. As a sign of recognition of the soldiers, they were provided with all the necessary particulars, but today you can even design your dog tags as you imagine. Available in black, stainless steel, copper, or gold from the surface they always look different and classy and can even be adapted to the personal wardrobe. Today the golden piece, tomorrow the black version, and also stainless steel always looks good - and you have designed your outfit differently every day. 

At a suitable dog tag stainless steel ball chain you can wear your personal copy around the neck, so that it will be your constant companion. Traditionally two dog tags are worn on a chain. For attachment of the first dog tag a longer chain (24 inch or more) is used and to this there is fastened a 4,5 inch long chain with the second dog tag is fastened.
Your friends are also pleased with a dog tag chain, which is held individually and shows that you have thought about it. Such a gift symbolizes real friendship and can accompany you for a lifetime. The robust design made of stainless steel or gold ensures that even after many years it still looks like new.

Dog ID Tags Design

You can  customize your dog tags to your own ideas. There are no limits to your phantasy. You can also buy dog tags, which you have previously customized yourself, for your beloved four-legged. So everyone can see at a glance who is the owner of your best friend and where he belongs to. In this way every dog tag meets the real purpose as an identification for dogs and cats. Of course you can also buy dog tags for yourself and use them for your wardrobe. If you are looking for an individual, fashionable and extravagant piece of jewelry, you made the right choice by deciding for a self-customized dog tag. It fits well with jeans and any sporting outfit as well as for simple T-shirts or casual shirts and evaluate your wardrobe at every opportunity cheeky and funny.