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Dog Tag made of real Silver


  • solid silver Dog Tag
  • high gloss surface
  • suitable for all skin types


  • 5 cm x 2.8 cm


  • 7 grams
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Dog Tag Silver

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Silver Dog Tag – embossed according to your wish

Previously dog tags were used by soldiers for identification purposes, but they are still very popular as a piece of jewelery today. They symbolize the strength and courage of the soldiers, the hope and the belief in a safe return. These properties make it a powerful gift.

The elegant 925 sterling silver dog tags are very fine pieces of jewelry that can be personalized. Whether for birthdays, graduation or anniversary: Dog tags are suitable for any event and can be a great pleasure for your boy- or girlfriend, family member or acquaintance.

If you take the name literally, of course you can also give a dog tag to your four-legged friend. You can add your name and your address into the trailer and so the dog is able to find back home if he is seperated from you.

Instead of the usual personal data it is also possible to emboss a slogan or greeting of course. Especially as a gift for the life partner the dog tags can convince in this manner. With individual logo you can surprise your partner with a romantic gift that may be fancier than a flower. By embossing the day and month you can remind him/her your first date, the beginning of your relationship, or show him/her how well you know him/her by embossing the title of his/her favorite song.

An exceptional piece of jewelry - Dog Tag 925er Sterling Silver

By the simple design dog tags are equally interesting for men and women and comfortable to wear. Especially men are often unsure with jewelry. The only type of jewelry they wear is often the wedding ring.

But the dog tags never seem cluttered and they are always stylish. Worn with any outfit, they are a wonderful idea for those who like it simple but fancy.